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Seminar 1 Taking Your Bearings How To Get Treatment Information | Cancer Words | Managed Care Words | Managing Pain | Fatigue | Sleep Disturbance | Sexuality | A Sense of Personal Control | Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Anger
Seminar 2 Navigation Aids Family Issues | Support Network | Resource Organizations | Other Supports and Services | Nurturing the Caregiver | Complementary Therapies | Nutrition | Financial Information | Hospice | Cancer Information On The Internet
Seminar 3 Getting The Signals Straight Decision Making and Planning | Spiritual Issues | Finding Meaning | Expressing Your Worries | Communication With Health Care Providers
Seminar 4 Setting Your Sails Overcoming Barriers to Communication | Loss and Grief | Unfinished Business | Further Reading

The Charting Your Course program is a series of four seminars, meant to help you learn how to navigate your health care. Charting Your Course is intended for people recently diagnosed with cancer, their family members, and friends. This self-paced version of Charting Your Course is comprised of the discussion topics, materials and activities from the pilot workshops. We also offer links to Internet resources and caregiver organizations and suggestions for further reading.

Seminar I - Taking Your Bearings
Seminar II - Navigation Aids
Seminar III - Getting the Signals Straight
Seminar IV - Setting Your Sails
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This content is derived from the "Charting Your Course Seminars: A Whole Person Approach To Living With Cancer", provided by Norris Cotton Cancer Center.
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