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Sourcebook : Improving Care for the End of Life : 6.7 Offer Bereavement Counseling and Services in All Settings

People faced with life-limiting illnesses grieve many losses in the course of their illness - the loss of the future, the loss of independence, the loss of privacy. Patients may benefit in talking about these losses with bereavement counselors. At the same time, families and loved ones grapple with both anticipatory grief and the grief that comes when a loved one dies.

Although hospices offer bereavement counseling and support programs, many other care programs do not - even though patients often die in ICUs and ERs. Several Breakthrough Series teams developed new bereavement programs or revamped existing programs to offer more services to more people.

6.7.1 Case Study - Coney Island Hospital: Bereavement Services in an Acute Care Facility
6.7.2 Case Study - University of Utah Hospital
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