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Sourcebook : Improving Care for the End of Life : 8.6 Marketing the Program to Clinicians and Others

Many programs "market" their services to providers and organizations, usually through outreach and education activities, such as newsletters, stickers, brochures, and telephone cards. For instance, the palliative care service at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital prints and distributes a quarterly palliative care newsletter to 8,000 individuals associated with end-of-life care. Another New York hospital, Saint Vincent's, has distributed a brochure about its palliative care service to almost 800 doctors who have hospital admitting privileges, and it also distributes other promotional items, such as phone stickers for medical-surgical units and Rolodex cards for doctors. The program hosts a lecture series featuring talks by national experts on palliative care.

8.6.1 Case Study - Franciscan Health Systems
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