Promoting Excellence : Key Clinical Assessment and Research Tools : Tools Listed By Topic

Advance Care Planning - Patient Preferences (ACP/P)
Instruments for eliciting and documenting patient preferences regarding treatment
Care Management and Coordination (CM)
Tools for assuring and evaluating continuity of care
  • Charlson Comorbidity Scale
  • Chart Review (CR)
    Tools for auditing charts for palliative care information
    Education (ED)
    Instruments for assessing knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors before and after an educational intervention
    Functional Status
    Tools that rate functional performance and/or level of physical disability
  • ECOG Performance Status
  • Karnofsky Performance Scale
  • FAST – Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Katz Index of Activities of Daily Living
  • NY Heart Association Classification for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Palliative Performance Scale
  • Grief and Bereavement Care (GB)
    Tools that measure grief reactions; used to assess bereavement needs and outcomes
  • Grief Resolution Index
  • Health Status
    Overall perception of personal health
  • Charlson Comorbidity Scale
  • SF-36 & SF-12
  • Needs Assessment/ Community and Education (N/C)
    Includes instruments for assessing educational needs among professionals and perceived community resources and needs regarding end of life care
  • Missoula Demonstration Project Community Survey
  • Organizational Assessment (ORG)
    Instruments for organizational needs assessment and self-evaluation
    Pain Management (PN)
    Instruments to assess pain
  • Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale
  • Patient Identification (PI)
    Tools used to identify or screen patients for an end of life care program
    Psychosocial Care (PS)
    Tools for assessing social and psychological status and needs
  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Caregiver Burden Scale
  • Caregiver Strain Questionnaire
  • Geriatric Depression Scale
  • Hamilton Depression Scale
  • Herth Hope Index
  • Mini-Mental State Examination
  • Scales of Psychological Well-Being
  • Psychospiritual Care (PSP)
    Instruments that assess needs and outcomes of spiritual care
  • Spiritual Well-Being Scale
  • Quality of Life (QOL)
    Tools designed to measure quality of life for patients with advanced disease
  • Caregiver Burden Scale
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire
  • EORTC QOL Scale
  • McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire
  • Missoula-VITAS Quality of Life Index
  • Satisfaction/Perception of Care—Family (POC/F)
    Instruments that assess the experience of the patient and/or family with respect to end of life care
  • Afterdeath Bereaved Family Interview
  • Caregiver Burden Scale
  • FAMCARE Scale
  • Satisfaction/Perception of Care—Patient (POC/P)
    Instruments that assess the experience of the patient with respect to end of life care
  • Palliative Outcomes Scale
  • Symptom Management (SP)
    Tools for assessing and tracking the level of symptoms (some are patient reported)
  • Borg CR 10 Scale (Dyspnea assessment)
  • Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS)
  • Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale (MSAS)
  • Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale
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