Promoting Excellence : After-Death Bereaved Family Interview

Instrument Name:
After-Death Bereaved Family Interview

Joan Teno, MD, MS
Center for Gerontology & Research
Brown University

Evaluation Tools - Satisfaction/Perception of Care

Author Contact Information:
Joan Teno ([email protected])

Teno JM, Claridge B, Casey V, Edgman-Levitan S, Fowler J.: Validation of Toolkit After-Death Bereaved Family Member Interview. J Pain Symptom Manage 2001 Sep;22(3):752-8

hospice, bereavement care, anticipatory grief, quality of life, quality of death, caregiver, caregiver assessment, spiritual care, spiritual assessment, aplliative care

To use this tool:
Complete the Toolkit Registration Form and the author will provide scoring information

To view this tool:
Click on "New Validated Instruments"
At the bottom click on After-Death Bereaved Family Interview. Choose the version (Hospice, Nursing Home or Hospital) to view.


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