Promoting Excellence : Palliative Performance Scale

Instrument Name:
Palliative Performance Scale

Measures the functional status of a patient and assigns a Palliative Performance Value; serves as a communication tool for quickly describing a patient's current functional level.

Clinical Care Tools - Clinical Assessment

Fern Anderson, G. Michael Downing, Jan Hill, Lynn Casorso and Noreen Lerch

Author Contact Information:
G. Michael Downing, MD, Med Dir
Victoria Hospice Society
1952 Bay St.,
Victoria, BD V8R 1J8
[email protected]

Anderson F, Downing GM, Hill J, Casorso L, Lerch N. Palliative performance scale (PPS): a new tool. J Palliat Care. 1996 Spring; 12 (1): 5-11

function, care plan, quality of life, functional performance, functional assessment, performance, communication, prognosis

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Click on download of Palliative Performance Scale
Note: This version of the tool is an update that replaces the one originally published in the 1996 reference above.


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