Promoting Excellence : Charlson Comorbidity Scale

Instrument Name:
Charlson Comorbidity Scale

Evaluation Tools - Cost/Utilization

Mary E. Charlson, MD

Author Contact Information:
Department of Medicine
Weill Medical College
Cornell University
525 E. 68 St., Box 130
New York, NY 10021
[email protected]

Charlson ME, Hollenberg JP, Hou J, Cooper M, Pochapin M, Pecker M. Realizing the potential of clinical judgment: a real-time strategy for predicting outcomes and cost for medical inpatients.Am J Med. 2000 Aug 15;109(3):189-95.

Luber MP, Hollenberg JP, Williams-RussoP, DiDomenico TN, Meyers BS, Alexopoulos GS, Charson ME. Diagnosis, treatment, comorbidity, and resource utilization of depressed patients in a general medical practice.Int J Psychiatry Med. 2000;30(1):1-13.

care coordination, continuity of care, healtlh, case management, symptom management, care plan

To obtain more information about this tool:
This tool is not available for viewing. For more information about the tool and for permission to use it, please contact the author directly. Email: [email protected].


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