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Once you have identified all of your potential partners, the next step is to form a Hospice-Veteran Partnership (HVP) steering committee. This committee will probably be composed of at least 15 to 20 members and should represent as many of the stakeholders as possible.

In this section of the toolkit, you will learn about the role of the HVP steering committee. We have also included several tools to help you identify and reach out to the various types of partners you may wish to include.

The Role of the HVP Steering Committee


The purpose of the HVP steering committee is to form a partnership to provide leadership, technical assistance, and recommendations for program development in three main areas:


Initially, we recommend appointing a chair and vice chair to provide leadership and guidance. It is helpful if one of these roles is filled by someone who is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system and the other by someone who is familiar with community hospice agencies. The HVP steering committee should also include representatives of the following stakeholders:

When selecting a steering committee, it is important to invite persons with a range of professional skills. You may have some members with clinical or administrative backgrounds and others who specialize in communications, fund raising or even corporate compliance. This diversity will enable your HVP to tap into a variety of resources.


Following an initial face-to-face meeting, the HVP steering committee can convene primarily by monthly conference calls. Members of the committee will be asked to contribute in the following ways:

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Sample Letter to Potential Steering Committee Members
Hospice-Veteran Partnership (HVP) Steering Committee Response Form
Sample Memo to VISNs
Official VA Memo
Sample Confirmation Letter to Steering Committee Members
Hospice-Veteran Partnership Stakeholder Worksheet
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This toolkit is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs National Hospice-Veteran Partnership (HVP) Program. Development of the toolkit was made possible through support by Rallying Points, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care, and other end-of-life care advocates. Information about VAHPC initiatives is made available for use within the Inter-Institutional Collaborating Network on End-of-life Care (IICN) with the assistance of Growth House, Inc.