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Sick To Death book cover This extract from the online edition of The Common Sense Guide to Improving Palliative Care is used with permission.

About Team Faith

This chapter will help you meet challenges by describing quality improvement (QI) projects that work. The story of Team Faith's project to improve the prevention, assessment, and treatment of pain is based on a composite of several successful teams.

Some oncology nurses in Faith Hospice realized that cancer patients were often in pain, despite efforts by medical and nursing staff to relieve it. The nurses wanted to do something about it—but what? Should they identify specific problems in the hospice program, or should they jump right in with ideas that they think will fix things? Should they recruit other people to be on their team? What should Team Faith do?

Even when doctors and nurses assess pain, they may have neither sufficient resources to treat and manage it, nor the staffing resources to reassess and monitor pain levels. Teams need to realize their limitations and have expert referrals and backup available.

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