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Sick To Death book cover This extract from the online edition of The Common Sense Guide to Improving Palliative Care is used with permission.

Choosing a Team

To succeed, your team must include the key players from your organization and community. Selecting the team takes thinking through the process needed to achieve your aim. Include the admissions nurse if early identification is a big issue, or involve the pharmacy delivery runner if slow response time is a target. Try to include at least these three: an administrator who will champion your cause; someone who knows quality improvement (QI) methods, and someone who knows a lot about pain prevention and treatment.

Team Faith

Once the three hospice nurses decided to test changes to improve pain relief for cancer patients, they needed to add key people to their team. Eventually, Team Faith included a pharmacist, an oncologist, a palliative care nurse, and the hospital's vice president for patient services. In addition, one of the nurses had training in QI methods.

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