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Handbook for Mortals : Enduring and Changing

Those who are dying often dread the process of dying as much as death itself. At the same time, most people who are dying are struck by the wonder of life. You may want to fight your illness, or deny it, or do both at different times. You may feel as though you should accept your illness without complaining and simply take whatever comes your way. Or you may be too confused, frightened, or sick to deal with anything for a while. This section offers ideas on how to cope, and describes how other people came to terms with their illnesses and their fears.

Life is changing, but . . .

Consider how you can best meet the challenges that await you. Be compassionate toward yourself. Allow yourself to find a measure of joy in your life, despite the sadness you are sure to feel. Extending the same respect, concern, and affection to yourself that you would offer someone else will help you live fully while dying.

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