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Handbook for Mortals : Helping Family and Loved Ones

How can a caregiver know if things are out of control?

Having some perspective is one of the hardest things for caregivers to do. Caregiving is often stressful, yet people do it and do well. On the other hand, some caregivers really do stay in situations where they cannot possibly give good care, where the needs are overwhelming. When the caregiver notes that the patient is suffering from some inattention, such as skin problems or overmedication, the caregiver should be concerned. Other trouble signs include when the caregiver becomes more and more exhausted, depressed, angry, and unable to sleep or eat well. Another important sign is when the caregiver feels that there is no other person to call on for help. The terrible isolation that many caregivers feel is both a symptom of an overwhelmed caregiver and a sign of a community that does not know how to care for one another.

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