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Handbook for Mortals : Managing Other Symptoms

Various symptoms can cause trouble at the end of life. Many can be alleviated most, if not all, of the time.

"Remind me: Can anything good happen?"

A list like this can make you feel a little overwhelmed, even though each symptom can be treated. It is just not enough to have good symptom management. Good dying is not just avoiding bad experiences. Living well with a fatal illness involves having experiences that matter having the chance to grow spiritually, getting to say some farewells and to feel the love of those who care about you, even just getting to see the flowers bloom one last time. You will have more chance at this if you are comfortable and confident of your doctors and nurses, of course. But you can often pursue these uniquely human "good works," even when symptoms are troubling, or when you are at odds with your care team. When you know that time may be short, every hour counts.

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