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Confused? You are not alone. Knowing and understanding how each kind of these services are paid for is not simple. The table below is a brief guide of what is covered by traditional Medicare and Medicaid. As always, these services and how they are paid for vary depending on where you live and on recent changes in coverage. Ask your doctor, nurse, social worker, or case manager to guide you.

And thatís just the point: we will have another month like this - and then how many more? ...How many hundreds, how many thousands this month; how many "next months" will there be? How much of that is our "co-pay?" I know I'm not supposed to be thinking about money in a crisis like this, but where will we get the money?

Robert Stinson
from The Long Dying of Baby Andrew

Service Medicare Medicaid Private
Hospital care usually secondary often part of bill
Emergency ambulance usually secondary not usually much
Sub-acute care often covers most part part
Nursing home very little commonly yes common
Medications usually no commonly yes commonly yes
Home health nurses usually usually often part
Home health aides usually not commonly yes commonly yes

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