Sick To Death : Reforming Health Care for the Last Years of Life

Sick to Death and Not Going to Take It Anymore!
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Joanne Lynn demonstrates that our current health care system, like our concepts of health and disease, developed at a time when life was mostly short, serious illnesses and disabilities were common at every age, and dying was quick. Today, most Americans live a long life, with the disabilities and discomforts of progressive chronic illness appearing only during the final chapters of their life stories. Sick to Death and Not Going to Take It Anymore! maintains that health care and community services are not equipped to meet the needs of people who face a prolonged period of progressive illness and disability before death. Lynn offers what she calls "an owner's manual for the health care system," which lays out facts, concepts, strategies, and action plans for genuine reform and gives the reader new ways to interpret information creatively, imagine innovative possibilities, and take steps to implement them.

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