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Sick To Death book cover This extract from the online edition of Sick to Death and Not Going to Take It Anymore! is used with permission.

Sick To Death : Acknowledgments

This book grew from the work of Americans for Better Care of the Dying and the draft of a report commissioned by the Milbank Memorial Fund in 2000. That manuscript received extensive reviews from a variety of concerned experts, and their critiques have greatly shaped its transition to a book. The strong guiding hand of the president of the Milbank Memorial Fund, Dan Fox, has been central to envisioning and completing the work. I am grateful also for the financial support of the Milbank Memorial Fund and the Washington Home Center for Palliative Care Studies.

I am especially indebted to those who reviewed the manuscript in its draft as a report: Julia Addington-Hall, Gerard Anderson, Robert Arnold, Amos Bailey, Barry Baines, Patricia Barry, Robert Berenson, Richard Brumley, Kenneth Brummel-Smith, Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin, Helen Burstin, Robert Burt, Ira Byock, Margaret Campbell, Ronald Carson, Christine Cassel, Jean Chabut, Myra Christopher, Stephen Connor, LaVera Crawley, June Dahl, Marion Danis, Karen Davie, Richard Della Penna, Sandra DiPasquale, Bruce Doblin, Bob Doherty, Ken Doka, Garey Eakes, Thomas Edes, Paul Elstein, Linda Emanuel, Susan Emmer, David English, Gilbert Fanciullo, Betty Ferrell, Perry Fine, Joseph Fins, Thomas Finucane, Kathleen Foley, Nicole Makosky Fowler, Nancy Freeborne, Linda Fried, Terri Fried, Jon Gabel, Barbara Gage, Rosemary Gibson, Muriel Gillick, Paul Glare, Shimon Glick, Susan Goldwater, Jack Gordon, David Gould, Michelle Grant-Ervin, James Hallenbeck, Mary Beth Hamel, Joan Harrold, Elma Holder, Scott Hopes, Ed Howard, Thomas Hoyer, Lisa Iezzoni, David Introcaso, Amber Jones, Stan Jones, Judith Kitzes, Mary Jane Koren, Harlan Krumholz, Howard Lerner, Thomas A. Louis, James Lubitz, Janice Lynch, Cheryl Cox Macpherson, Patricia MacTaggart, Marianne La- porte Matzo, Kathy McMahon, Diane Meier, Robin Meili, Tracy Miller, Velvet Miller, Mary Mologne, Marilyn Moon, Charles Mouton, Don Murphy, Isobel Murray, Linda Norlander, Jean Oberstar, Joseph O’Neill, Marilyn Pattison, L. Gregory Pawlson, Kate Payne, Timothy Quill, Raymond Rawson, Donna Regenstreif, Michael Rodgers, Susan Rogers, Kenneth Rosenfeld, Peggy Rosenzweig, Judy Ryan, Charles Sabatino, Steven Schroeder, J. Donald Schumacher, Charles Scott, Lisa Shugarman, Andrew Smith, Mildred Solomon, Emese Somogyi-Zalud, Claire Tehan, William Thar, Ed Thomas, Jim Towey, Wayne Ury, Charles von Gunten, Neil Wenger, Terrie Wetle, Josh Wiener, and Shin-Yi Wu.

I am also especially indebted to those who reviewed the manuscript in its expanded version as a book: Christine Cassel, Kathleen Foley, Lisa Iezzoni, Diane Meier, and Marilyn Moon.

I would further like to thank Robert Brook, Vicki Freedman, Mary Lerner, Ann O’Mara, Charles Palmer, Peggy Parks, Russell Phillips, Donna Regenstreif, Corinne Rieder, and Bobby Silverstein for their helpful guidance on specific aspects or sections.

My book builds upon the insights of many who are working hard to build the care system of the future. All who aim to improve care for those living with fatal chronic illness are especially indebted to the Open Society Institute, which sponsored the Project on Death in America, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which sponsored a series of projects in end-of-life care and chronic conditions from 1988 through 2003.

I have the great good fortune to work with three extraordinary organizations, where colleagues have been loyal supporters of the research that has gone into this book. I am especially indebted to Robert Brook and Sarah Myers at RAND Health; Cria Gregory, Maureen Lilly, Sharon Love, Hsien Seow, and Anne Wilkinson at the Washington Home Center for Palliative Care Studies; and Roshon Gibson and Janice Lynch Schuster at Americans for Better Care of the Dying.